Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slight Delay to episode 3 here is a quick preview and invitation to follow us as we Malifaux it up at Spencer Bday party this Saturday "The Dirty 30"

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Hi gang quick post letting you know there will be a slight delay in the recording and posting of our 3 episode. I have a attached a quick preview/apology invitation to follow us on twitter while were celebrating Spencer's Bday with an entire Day of Malifaux and gaming. Live updates via twitter. Please follow and enjoy. Episode 3 will be recorded next week and up for consumption by March 3rd. Sorry for the delay and thanks for Listening.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Episode 2- Outcast Need Love 2 but they gotta pay

Welcome to Episode 2 of Cheated Fates Radio. In tonight's episode we send out heartfelt thanks for every one's support during the first episode launch. We also look into the mailbag and provide some answers to the emails we received. And we finally have the Hobby segment, not eaten by gremlins this time on making a wet palette. Then we dive into the Outcast faction, talking fluff and Master overviews, We spend 5 good minutes withe Convict Gunslinger, and give you a preview of our next episode. Its a huge episode weighting in at 3:18 and half minutes so sit back and enjoy the ride because its Time for Cheated Fates Radio.

Please Enjoy and share your through thoughts and suggestions with us at or, Please follow us on twitter @Cheatedfates<>