Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome to Cheated Fates Radio A Malifaux Podcast

Ladies and Gentleman for your pleasure, pain and consideration we bring you cheated fates radio. A brand new Podcast dedicated to the strange and Wyrd (tm) world of Malifaux. The character based schrimish game from Wyrd Minatures. Your hosts are myself Joe "Rancor709" Girard and Spencer "the other Spencer" Stevens. We plan to bring you a twice a month cast going over the play, players and world of Malifaux. We want to cover everything the fluff, the combos and the most importantly the basement malifaux players. Malifaux is a strange and wonderful world and even a better game and we want to share our hobby and this game in the audio medium. I hope you enjoy Cheated Fates Radio coming soon. Please visit Wyrd Minatures or to find out about this amazing game and upcoming products by them.

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