Thursday, May 10, 2012

Episode 6 A New Hope or the Adepticon Special

That's right were back from adepticon full of stories and goodies and giggles. Enjoy this episode its a tournament feature breaking down our time at adepticon. Back to regular format next episode when we finally finish Henchman.

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  1. I enjoyed your coverage of Adepticon. I liked that you spent the time to really cover just about every game and event.
    I didn't get an opportunity to play either of you or talk much, but I just wanted to say that I like your podcast and appreciate you keeping the content very "family friendly". I meant to say hi there, but 3 bottles of whiskey throughout the weekend had me forgetting all sorts of things. (Including a round where I had grudge and Nicodem with my entire crew surrounding my grudge target and rather than having ANY of them kill it, I take the opportunity to get my first Nicodem melee kill... d'oh!)
    Spencer played my son and his Perdita crew and he said you were nice. I know I claimed he was talking smack about a rematch on the forums, but I was kidding... Thats the opposite of his view of the world. I like to say stuff on his behalf to get him in trouble. What was funny after last year's adepticon is that on all the podcasts like Gamer's Lounge and Dice Like Thunder, my son was "the 10 year old that got beat up and started crying". All the casters were making fun of anyone that beat him because they were "making a little kid cry". That stuff is hilarious to us because he is so indifferent to winning or losing, he just likes playing.

    I think both of you tried our dry teddy cake. We were pushed for time on the thursday, so we had to bake wednesday night and overnight in the fridge it really dried out. It had a heavier mix to start with so that it would stay upright, so once it dried, it lost a lot.
    Honestly, if we had know there would be such competition, we'd have thought it through more. We actually figured we'd just win on theme. (We won last year's Cake tourney and were trying for a repeat)
    So, cake excuses aside, keep up the good work and I hope to actually share some whiskey and beer with you next year.

    DavidB (Gruesome on wyrd forums)